Holiday cookies may be tempting you everywhere you go. Just as you think that you have seen your last cookie, you go to someone’s office or to a party and there is another platter of cookies waiting for you. It can be difficult to say no and turn them all down. If you are trying to lose weight, cookies are not part of your plan. This means you need to have a few ways to be able to say no and reduce some of the temptation.

Drink Lots of Water

Studies have shown that drinking lots of water can make it easier to say no to different unhealthy snacks. The water will fill you up and therefore you won’t have the room for a sugar cookie or a perfectly decorated gingerbread man.

Eat a Snack Before You Go Somewhere

If you know you are going somewhere that will have a lot of different snacks, including holiday cookies, you should plan on eating a healthy snack before you go. This could be a granola bar, a yogurt parfait, or a piece of whole fresh fruit. It will get the craving out of your system so that you are less likely to reach for a plate of sugary calories.

Bring a Healthy Alternative

Many of the parties and get-togethers are potlucks. This means that everyone bring something in order to share with the group. You likely are the only one trying to diet, so it may be up to you to bring the healthy alternative. There are plenty of recipes for healthy cookies, and you can buy some in the grocery store as well. Your coworkers may thank you.

Enjoy One

Many dietitians and nutritionists say that you should not starve yourself. A cheap day, or even just a cheap meal can be important to your overall sanity. If the cookies continue to be a temptation, enjoy one. You simply have to limit yourself to just the one cookie. If you are with someone, you may even want to try sharing the cookie so that you can get the taste, but don’t have to consume all of the calories.

Remember that you don’t have to remove yourself from all of the different holiday festivities. You simply have to be mindful that there are going to be temptations everywhere you go. You can still go to all of the different parties, but you can’t eat cookie after cookie because it’s only going to add to your waistline instead of helping you to lose.

Plan ahead as this will be the greatest way to overcome the challenge of saying no to the many holiday cookies that you will encounter throughout the holiday season.