Around the holidays, you may be spending more time with family and friends. This means dealing with all sorts of special diets, too. Whether you are vegan, or there are various people in your life who are vegan, there are some tips to help you.

It may not be easy to make some of your favorite dishes because people want to be vegetarian, or eliminate dairy products from their diet as well. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything – there are just some modifications that you need to make.

Explore the Various Proteins

The moment you hear “vegan” you know that there are no animal proteins. However, you have more food options than just tofu. It will make it easier for everyone involved if you don’t go with boring and traditional. Black beans, cannellini beans, eggplant, and various other foods can serve as protein – and this will make the food around the holidays a lot more delicious, too.

Learn About the Substitutes

A variety of substitutes can be made, allowing you to enjoy food as you normally do. The dairy aspect may be what throws the most people for a loop. There are plenty of soy-based cheeses, and you can find versions that are similar to cheddar, mozzarella, and even Parmesan. If you plan on making a lasagna or stuffed shells, you can do so using a vegan ricotta cheese.

Other substitutes include almond milk, soy heavy cream, and even almond milk-based eggnog.

Virtually everything that you love about dairy can be found in a vegan format. Rice milk makes for delicious ice cream, too, which means no one has to count themselves out of dessert, either.

Go to Specialty Stores

The reason you or anyone else may be feeling “stunted” in their choices is because they can’t find what they really want. You may want to do yourself a favor and visit a specialty store or two. These will depend upon where you live, though some research into your area may help. You may even be able to find local bakeries that offer vegan specialty items, especially around the holidays.

The point is, going vegan, through the holidays or any other time of year, is easy as long as you know how to follow the rules. No one has to go without anything they love, it just may involve a modification or two. You can still enjoy delicious food, and you never know – someone may decide to make a change in their life because of what you expose them to.