It’s not always easy to add vegetables to your diet. These suggested number of servings is between three and four vegetables per day, which can seem like an impossible task. Especially if you don’t want to eat a gigantic salad as one of your meals, it’s important to know about some of the more innovative ways to ensure that you get your vegetables in for the day.

Stir Fry

One of the great things about a stir fry is that it can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Make it large enough and you can have it for both. Whether you make it with veggies alone or you add in the proteins such as beef or chicken, it can be absolutely delicious. A wok or stir-fry pan is best, though you can easily cook it in a frying pan as well. Snow peas, broccoli, carrots, julienne peppers, mushrooms, and all sorts of other vegetables can be tossed in with ease.


Make it a soup or stew, and you can incorporate all sorts of vegetables. Stews are going to have chunkier vegetables, while soups may have them finely chopped, or even puréed. Peas, onions, carrots, and various root vegetables can easily be included.


If you don’t have a juicer, it may be worth it to make the investment – otherwise, you can go to the refrigerated section of the produce department and find plenty of juices that don’t have additives such as sugar and corn syrup. Carrots, beets, spinach, and all sorts of other delicious vegetables are turned into a juice, allowing you to drink your vegetable intake for the day.

Omelets & Frittatas

If you really think about it, an omelet and frittata are just about the same thing. They are both egg-based meals with a protein and vegetables mixed in. An omelet is something that you will flip, while a frittata remains open faced. You can dice up all sorts of delicious vegetables to be incorporated into this, and whether the server for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can be delicious. Spinach, collard greens, onions, broccoli, asparagus, and more are easily placed into the egg mixture.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to add more veggies to your diet – the important thing is that you do it. Find a couple key vegetables that you absolutely love, and figure out how to add them into your favorite dishes. You don’t have to sit down to a gigantic salad just to have your vegetable intake. Drink them, sauté them, or fold them into an omelet – once you do this, you may be surprised by how much healthier you look and feel.