A strong core will allow you to accomplish all sorts of incredible things. You will find you will be able to do more, lift more, and enjoy more flexibility when you work your core. A plank challenge is a great way to strengthen these muscles, and without having to do sit-ups.

30 Days of Planks

Go ahead and schedule out 30 days of planks. This means that you will be doing planks every single day, 30 days in a row. You may want to start at the first of the month, or simply block out 30 days starting tomorrow. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have some room on the floor. This means that even if you are doing some traveling, you don’t have to give up on the challenge just because you are inside of a hotel room.

Part of the challenge is that you go for 30 days in a row. If you miss a day, you have to start at the beginning again, which proves to be motivation in itself.

Not Your Ordinary Planking

Part of the planking challenge is that it should be difficult. This means that you shouldn’t be doing a standard forearm plank the whole time. You want to get into some new and exciting planks as well. This includes dipping your hips from side to side and scissoring your legs out to either side.

What planks you decide to incorporate into your challenge is entirely up to you and your current fitness level. Some ideas include:

  • Knee taps
  • Side plank
  • Wide grip
  • Plank rows
  • Triceps push-up
  • Plank jacks

Get creative with it all. If there’s a plank you’ve never heard of, find it on YouTube so you can see how to do it.

Increase Your Time

In addition to completing the planks for 30 days in a row and doing different types of claims, you should also increase your time on a daily basis. The first couple days you may want to limit yourself to 30 seconds. Then go up to one minute. By the time you are within the last week of the challenge, you should be planking for a solid two minutes or longer.

The beauty of a planking challenge is it can be done with friends. You can also make some customizations based upon what you can and cannot do. If you aren’t able to perform certain moves, then they can be omitted…at least until you are able to do them. Break out your competitive side by inviting friends to participate in the challenge. When you know you’re not in it alone, it helps to plank every single day of the challenge.