Whether you or someone you know has suffered from heart disease or you simply want to support the cause, it’s important to know about some of the top events that take place around the country. This will allow you to get involved and help to make a difference.

Go Red for Women

The American Heart Association is responsible for a cause known as Go Red for Women. There are events throughout the country and women pledge to wear red to spread awareness. Donations can be made and all of it goes towards helping with heart disease.

emPOWERED to Serve

Another American Heart Association event is the emPOWERED to Serve where it focuses on getting volunteers involved with spreading the word and fundraising for fighting heart disease around the United States.

Jump Rope for Heart

The Jump Rope for Heart is a program inside of schools. It allows children to learn about the dangers of heart disease. They are told about how to fight it, including exercising an hour a day and eating fruits and vegetables. They get to fundraise and earn prizes.

AHA Heart Walk

The Heart Walk is also part of the American Heart Association and involves people choosing to walk in order to get healthier. These events are spread out around the country and there’s a map on the heartwalk.org website so people know how to get involved. Local and national companies sponsor various teams as well and it all goes towards heart disease outreach and research.

Regardless of where you live in the country, there is going to be at least one event where you are able to help fight heart disease. Plenty of events are held inside the community in order to talk about heart disease and stroke, which are the number one and number five killers within the country.

When more of the community can learn about her healthy living and the importance of physical activity, it can reduce the likelihood of getting heart disease. You have the ability to get involved and make a difference, whether it’s on a local or national level. The AHA provides plenty of tools and resources, including toolkits where you have the ability to start any event within your own community. There are social networking tools, ways to share your story, and even heart walk posters that you can put up inside of your company. This means that you always have a way to get involved, even if your community doesn’t do something right away.

It’s a great way to make a difference and hopefully help to save the lives of more people throughout our country.