When you want to go running, your neighborhood sidewalks may not be the best place for you. You might feel a little self-conscious because the neighbors are watching you. It might also get boring after a while. Knowing some of the top places to go will make it easier for you to expand your running environment.

State Parks

If you have a state park near you, find out where it is. There are going to be a variety of trails are available to you, and you will have nature surrounding you at all times. Depending upon where you live, you might be able to run past waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, and much more. This can make your daily runs more exciting. Additionally, running on uneven ground will help you to improve your balance and also help you to burn more calories.

Some state parks will charge admission. If one is really close, it might be worth it to look at getting an annual pass so that you can stay healthy and enjoy the fresh outdoors.


Beaches are a great place to run, especially because of the sand. It helps to push your leg muscles a little extra because of the resistance the sand offers. If you don’t live near a beach, check out one of the lake friends or river friends. It might not be the exact same, but it’s still going to provide you with an uneven surface, such as gravel or broken shells. It will also give you a great view, whether you run for a mile or 26.

School Tracks

Many schools, particularly the high school ones, have tracks. If you ask, they may open it up over the weekend so that you have a place to run. The benefit of running at one of the tracks is that you will have a smooth, flat surface to help you work on your speed. You will also have a great way of measuring how much you have run based upon the number of times you go around the track.

In Your Home

If running outside isn’t your thing, you can always look at getting a treadmill. This will allow you to get your cardio exercise in without having to worry about what the weather is like.

In the end, as long as you know some of the top places where you can run, it will be easier for you to get your cardio workout in all the time. You might also decide to change of the locations from time to time.