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I have steadily put on weight over the last few years and not had any real luck taking it off. I know that eating better and exercising would help, right? But EVERYBODY knows that. I needed some more specific guidance. So I google searched and am so glad that I did! I actually look forward to my detail diet plan and structured workout plan. That has NEVER been the case before. I have always had to drag myself to the gym, if I made it there at all.

Darlene Saville

Proud Mother of Three

Supportive! Kardio Matters really helped me on my weight goal there extremely helpful and supportive even in the times I wanted to quit!

Darren Clarke

IT Manager

Kardio Matters expertise as a Fitness Coach is top notch: the gentlemen positive attitude is contagious, he brings fitness and understanding to empower women’s confidence, He is extremely knowledgeable in proper diet and maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle. I have gotten amazing results from his fitness program and one on one help.

Eva Clarke


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