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Vision behind this Los Angeles based brand - Kardiomatters

Chained by the myths, held by the false notions, our CEO –Touseef Panchbhaya AKA Tommy, was kept blindfolded to the revolutionizing cardiovascular exercise. In the United States and all over the world, when you think about shifting to Cardio, there will always be whispers trying to stop you: "Cardio is unhealthy" "Cardio kills muscle gains" "Cardio is just hoax."

These whispers stopped Tommy from adopting Cardio, keeping him in an overweight and unhealthy state for a significant amount of time until one day, when he decided to take all his chances and joined hands with Cardio.

It was then he realized how terribly deceptive and false these whispers are. The realization gave birth to this company – the company you know as "kardiomatters" based in Los Angeles (California)

Founded with the most genuine intention, kardiomatters not only aims to provide you with the finest quality products but also aims to put you on the cardio path and change your life forever.It aims to change the fitness game forever with its style.

Our logo's noble insight is to inculcate Cardio in the lives around us and change the dynamic. We think that the heart is worthy of exercise as any muscle in the body. Cardio strengthens your heart with all the other muscles making you fit and healthy for your daily endeavors.

What do we provide?

We specialize in providing you the best gym wear, hoodies/jackets and accessories. 

"Fashion is art – It's absolute art. It's telling a story." To find your perfect story, we finalize our designs after great scrutiny from not just in the US but all over the world- Bringing the trendiest and best.

Our highly elastic and tear-free clothing is here to change the future of fitness. Adjust the tracksuit according to your fitness, and people will adjust their gaze on you as you walk in style down the streets. 

Yes! Our clothing will not confine you to the gym. In our tracksuits, you can show off the muscles you work so hard on just right. Doing Cardio with class and style is what we are

Why choose us?

At kardiomatters we let our quality speak for itself. From our fabric to our zips, we gather high-end products from all over the world to set them together in a perfect piece of clothing that will just serve you right. 

After numerous surveys, trials, and exploration of different types of sizes- European, American, Chinese, we can now say with utmost confidence that we will provide you clothing just fit for you (pun intended). Our diverse and considerate sizes are what make us special than our competitors. 

We prioritize our customers over everything else. Not only do we provide durable and stylish clothing, but we ensure that we are always open to complaints and suggestions. Our customer service team is trained to answer your queries, take a quick response to your complaints, and feedbacks

The key to our business is winning our customers ' hearts, and this is what gives us high ground in the market. We have gained our customers' trust from our quality, responsiveness, commitment, and hard work. We will continue winning more hearts because we are the future of clothing. 

Cardio matters for you, and you matter to us – Kardiomatters

.A message from our CEO: Make Cardio your best friend and don't skip a day without Cardio! Cardio really does matter