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Kardiomatters is the fast growing brand with a deep tradition in fitness. In fact, our mission is to be the best fitness brand in the world. At Kardiomatters, we know that greatness doesn’t come from standing still. We have to keep pushing long boundaries. We’re the brand that is helping people from all over the world in a fitness movement. We are the future of Fitness Clothing brand.

We are curious, challenging, humorous and amazing. We are Kardiomatters. As we’ve started a brand focused on fitness, we have come to understand one universal truth: That living an active life enables people to be their best selves – physically, mentally and socially. At Kardiomatters, we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. And our sport is fitness. We believe that fitness is for everybody and every BODY. It’s for every day not just game day. We are the game changers.

Our approach to achieving long-term, sustainable growth is to bring our brand story to life through our amazing and iconic products. Today, we are focused on our key jogging wear suits that represent the spectrum of our consumers’ lives – from the gym to the street. The key to our business is winning consumers with these iconic products combined with rich storytelling and our commitment to be available wherever they are. Finally, we will continue to drive growth across all over the world. We’ll continue to grow our clothing brand by establishing the new code of fitness and creating must-have looks for our customers, inside and outside of the gym.