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Mens Bodybuilding Oversized Short Sleeve Hooded Shirt

$25.00 USD
Olive Green

Imagine the most convenient workout apparel. A durable, soft shirt will be great: one that lasts you long and provides comfort.

It should also have short sleeves for smooth movement. How about add a hoodie to keep your head warm and your headphones in place?

Kardiomatters brings you the absolute solution to all your workout discomforts: an oversized short sleeves t-shirt with a hoodie.

Moreover, it has a unique and fashionable asymmetric design that easily fits and suits for cardio, training, and daily wear. The hoodie has an adjustable drawstring, too, with a rounded hemline.

It also has a reflective two-tone Kardiomatters logo for greater visibility on low light runs.

Material of build:

100% Cotton

Available in color:

  • Black
  • Olive Green
  • Khaki
  • Peach
  • Burgundy          


  • Small to 2XL

MODEL A: Wearing a size Medium. Weight 167Lbs Height 5'10

MODEL B: Wearing a size XL. Weight 225Lbs Height 5’10

MODEL C: Wearing a size Medium. Weight 175Lbs Height 5’9